Whether you’re just starting off or are a seasoned pro, you’ll find something of value in Bryce Baldon’s Freelancer’s Guide.

As a freelancer, clients are how you make sure your doggie doesn’t go hungry and direct dealings with clients is one of your primary daily tasks. How that client relationship starts, evolves – and often ends –  is within your control. It has to be, otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a downward spiral of loathing and depression, all while your dog gives you sad looks because you’re too broke to get the good kibble.

The Freelancer’s Guide offers insight to a wide range of client relations that are critical to the smooth operation of your freelancing practice and also your personal well-being. Whether you’re a creative or total techie type or a hybrid of both, it covers everything from how to handle initial contact, setting the ground rules, pricing, disagreements to the inevitable parting of ways – all while you maintain an elevated degree of professionalism.

Avoid the mistakes that are chewing into your bank roll and sanity and download the Freelancer’s Guide now. Your doggie and clients will thank you!

Freelancer's Guide

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